Dagelijks Bijbelcitaat – dinsdag 23 juni 2015

Uit het boek Psalmen 84, 11

Beter één dag in uw voorhoven
dan duizend dagen daarbuiten,
beter op de drempel van Gods huis
dan wonen in de tenten der goddelozen.


This image was created on Friday April 28th 2006 in Kolkata (Calcutta) India (state of West Bengal). Please see full details about this photograph below: The Missionaries of Charity is one of CRS' longest partners in India.  CRS India began partnering with Mother Teresa in 1951 with support that continued uninterrupted to the present.  Today, CRS' support to the Missionaries of Charity homes includes vital food and nourishment, in the form of nutritional bulgar wheat and cooking oil, for the poorest of the poor and India and those who are so compassionately serving them.